Exodus 3:5 – Holy Ground

S – Exodus 3:5 “’Do not come any closer,’ the Lord warned. ‘Take off your sandals, for you are standing on holy ground.’”

O – God warns Moses to not come any closer.   God instructs him to take off his sandals because the ground is holy.

A – I am reminded of the holiness of God.  I too often take for granted the access I have to Him through Christ.  I want to spend time in reverence and awe today.  I want to think about His holiness.

P – Lord, you are awesome!  You are king, creator, sustainer, judge, redeemer, alpha and omega, life giver, bring and morning star, etc.  You are completely other.  You are holy!

Do you need to take off your sandals today?

2013 Bible Reading Challenge: The Bible is the Word of God and the power of God is released in our life when we apply it. Join us as we follow the One Year Bible plan. Links to read digitally can be found online at www.pcbc.org/bible.


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