Genesis 49:3-4 – Looking Into the Future

S – Genesis 49:3-4 “Reuben, you are my firstborn, my strength, the child of my vigorous youth. You are first in rank and first in power. But you are as unruly as a flood, and you will be first no longer. For you went to bed with my wife; you defiled my marriage couch.”

O – Jacob is telling his sons “what will happen in the days to come.”  Each son’s future is directly tied to his actions in the past.

A – I am reminded that my actions today will directly affect my future.  I also must discipline Anna so that her future will be blessed.

P – Lord, thank you for forgiving me for my past through your Son, Jesus.  “I trust in you for salvation, O Lord” (Genesis 49:18)!  Guide my hands and help me to train up Anna in the way she should go.

If Jacob told you “what will happen in the days to come,” what would the future consequences be for your present actions?

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