Revelation 13:13 – Our Enemy’s Power

Join us in the Project 345 reading plan as we read through the New Testament.

Context: John, in his prophetic vision, has seen the coming of a beast that blasphemes God and makes war on the saints.  A second beast comes that makes the earth worship the first beast…

Revelation 13:13 “It performs great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in front of people.”

Observation: For Christians, I do not believe that the work of our enemy is easily confused with the work of God.  However, this sign reminds me of Elijah (2 Kings 1 and 18), David, (1 Chronicles 21) and Solomon (2 Chronicles 7) calling down fire from heaven.  Our enemy has power.  We cannot assume that a miraculous sign signifies the work of God.

Application: Father, give me Your eyes to see the power of the enemy and how he deceives my family, my community and me.

Are you being misled by our enemy’s power?


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