It is official…

After looking hard at different reading plans, I have decided to read through the New Testament with the Singles at PCBC.  I will introduce the plan to them tomorrow.

If you are not currently on a Bible reading plan, I would like to invite you to join us.  You can access it here and get it in many formats (e-mail, audio, web, phone – there’s and app for that, print out, etc.) and in most common translation.  I still prefer printing a reading list and using the Bible I am most familiar with.

In addition, I am going to invite the singles to SOAP journal with me.  It really pushes me to listen to what God is communicating through the Bible each day and apply it to my life.  If you have never seen this plan, check it out here.

This year you will see various SOAP entries from my personal journal, scripture lessons that I am learning outside of my daily NT readings and possibly some random stuff on the side.

Again, I invite feedback.  I want to interact with you as we pursue our Savior.


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