Different Format

This year I plan to change my format for two reasons.  First, with an increase in preaching in my new ministry position at Park Cities Baptist Church, I have realized a greater need for my personal devotional time to be private.  Second, I have not seen my current blog format encourage many others in their personal devotional time.

I plan to blog several times a week.  These posts will still be an overflow of my time in the Word.

Do you have any suggestions?  What would be most encouraging for your walk with Christ?


5 thoughts on “Different Format

  1. Any tidbits or overwhelming servings of wisdom you glean from being in the
    word and care to share would be appreciated. One cannot get too much
    information when it comes to our Lord. Thank you. You all are missed
    greatly. Have a blessed New Year.

  2. The Scripture is the Living Word, and hearing how He makes this written word come alive and bear fruit in our lives does strengthen me.

  3. I understand your need for a more private devotional time,but I do want you to know that it has encouraged me a great deal and I appreciate anything you have to share…God bless

    • Thank you for your encouragement Bobby. I will still be posting some thoughts from God’s word. I would be excited to see what you are getting out of your time with the Lord also.

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