Hosea 14:4 – Anger Turned

Today’s Reading: Hosea 10:1‐14:9, Jude 1‐25, Psalm 127:1‐5, Proverbs 29:15‐17

Context: God is calling Israel through Hosea to return to him.  In chapter 14, he promises that when they turn from their sin, they will blossom and take root.

Hosea 14:4 I will heal their apostasy;
 I will love them freely,
 for my anger has turned from them.


  • God will heal their apostasy (revolt against a religious person)
  • I will love them freely
    • For my anger has turned from them

The love of God pours out at the end of Hosea.  How often do we keep ourselves from experiencing God’s healing and forgiveness, because we refuse to return to him?

Apply: “Lord protect me from myself.  Help me to know how to encourage those around me to return to you through the way I live.”

Spend a little time thinking about God choosing to turn his anger from you when you return to him.


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