Psalm 119:131 – I Open My Mouth and Pant

Today’s Reading: Daniel 6:1‐28, 2 Peter 3:1‐18, Psalm 119:129‐152, Proverbs 28:21‐22

Context: As mentioned several days ago, Psalm 119 speaks of the benefits of living according to the Word.  Only three of the Psalms 176 verses do not contain a direct reference to the written Word of God.

Psalm 119:131 – I open my mouth and pant,
because I long for your commandments.

Thoughts: What a graphic verse.  I remember a hike I took several years ago.  Towards the end of the hike, I ran out of water.  I wasn’t able to think about anything but water.  I literally panted.  I longed for water.  The desire for it consumed me.

Apply: “Lord, give me this kind of a desire for your word.  Let me taste and see how good it is and understand how much I need it for life.”

Have you ever longed for the Word of God in this way?


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