The One Who Restores Our Joy

S – Lamentations 5:21 “Restore us, O Lord, and bring us back to you again!  Give us back the joys we once had!”


O – The writer cries out to God to restore His people.  This involves God bringing them back to Him and giving His people the joys they once had.

A – In my own life, the greatest times of joy are always found when I am in right relationship with God.  With Him there is fullness of joy that goes beyond circumstances.  As I read this passage this morning I had the opportunity rest in God through an extended time of prayer.  I experienced this restoration, closeness and joy.

P – Lord, thank You for always offering me restoration and joy when I come to You.  Thank You for the ultimate restoration You have given to those who believe in Jesus.

Find time to rest in the joy of restoration that God offers you.

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