John 10:37 – Works Leading to Faith

S – John 10:37 – “If I am not doing the works of my Father, then do not believe me.” – Jesus

O – In John 10, Jesus has explained that sheep know the voice of their shepherd.  He then explains that he is God.  “I and the Father are one.”  The Jews accuse him for blasphemy.  Jesus basically says the proof is in the pudding.  Look at what I do.  What I do will prove who I am.

A – As a Christian I bear the name of Christ.  I must live out what I believe.  Specifically today, I want to do the works of the Father in my home.  I want my family to see Christ through me.

P – “Lord, if I am not doing Your works, correct me!  Help me to lead others to You through what I do.”


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