John 3:23 – Wicked Things Hate the Light

S – John 3:20 – For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed.

O – People who do wicked things hate the light (Jesus – “the light came into the world”).  People who do not come to the light (Jesus) because they do not want their works exposed.

A – I have to live in the light!  I want to be someone who is not afraid of my works being known fully.  The farther I can stay away from darkness, the better.  Specifically, I must continue to be open with several men in real accountability and to live openly before God, my wife, my friends and the world.

P – Lord, expose me.  Shine light into my life.  Help me to live a life that does not fear coming to You, the light.


4 thoughts on “John 3:23 – Wicked Things Hate the Light

  1. We are the light, in God’s image, that this dark world is looking for. We must be constantly aware of the light that shines from us being reflected from God’s light!! We can make a difference in the darkness that is all around us.

    • Ann, great point! You are pulling in Jesus teaching on the sermon on the mount. We must always interpret scripture with scripture.

      Yes, I think we are the light of the world, but that is only after we have connected with the light source – Jesus. he then shines through us. We are the only Bible that the non-Christian world will read.

  2. “We are the only Bible that the non-Christian world will read.” Exactly right! And it’s because of this, I think, that 3:30 hit me so hard: “He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.”

    I needed to hear that one, becaues even in this Bible reading and study, there is a real temptation for me to get too big for my britches. I was really proud of myself for noticing the thing about the water in 2:6. Proud. Of myself. That’s not me becoming less and less; it’s me sinning. Satan knows us, and he’s got traps (e.g., self-righteousness) lurking around every *dark* corner, doesn’t he?

    Lord, keep me from falling in them.

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