Psalm 142:5 – You are My Refuge

Today’s Reading: Zechariah 4-5, Revelation 14, Psalm 142, Proverbs 30:21-23

Context: In Psalm 142 David is asking God for deliverance in a time of trouble.  As I was reading it this morning, this song was on the radio in my den.

Cave in Adullam - David would find refuge in the caves in this area - Samuel 22

Psalm 142: 5 I cry to you, O Lord;
 I say, “You are my refuge,
 my portion in the land of the living.”


  • I cry to you, O Lord – in times of trouble David runs to God
  • “You are my refuge (shelter)…
    • My portion (tract, territory, inheritance)…
      • In the land of the living.”

Those of you who have followed my blog this year, you know that God has brought my family through a difficult season.  We have battled a major health issue in our home, a God driven transition from a ministry we loved and time of uncertainty in our family planning regarding children.  Psalm 142:5 summarizes what God has been teaching us.

Application: “Lord, may I never forget to run to you for refuge and provision in tough times.  Help me to take Your lessons of dependence from this year into the rest of my life.”

Are you letting difficult times drive you to God?


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