Proverbs 26:11 – Making the Same Mistake Twice

Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 48:1‐49:22, 2 Timothy 4:1‐22, Psalm 95:1‐96:13, Proverbs 26:9‐12

Proverbs 26:11 “Like a dog that returns to his vomit

Is a fool who repeats his folly.

This is one of the most graphic illustrations in Proverbs.  I would be better off if I would learn my lesson the first time around.  It must look gross to God (and others) when I continue to make the same mistakes. 

Apply: I used to keep a list of lessons I didn’t want to learn twice in the back of my journals.  I want to start that again. 

How do you keep from making the same mistake twice?


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