Ezra 7:10 – Heart Set

Today’s Reading: Ezra 7:1‐8:20, 1 Corinthians 4:1‐21, Psalm 30:1‐12, Proverbs  20:28‐30

Ezra 7:10 For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel.


  • Context: Ezra is leaving Babylonia to go to Jerusalem to teach the people of Israel.  He is described as “a scribe skilled in the Law of Moses.”
  • Ezra had set his heart:
    • To study the Law of the Lord
    • To do it
    • To teach the Lord’s statues and rules in Israel

I love how Ezra’s heart is described in this verse.  The teachers that I have learned from the most are those who are studying and applying the Word of God to their own lives as they teach.

Apply:  I want to set my heart to study, do and teach God’s Word.

Could this verse be used to describe you?


6 thoughts on “Ezra 7:10 – Heart Set

  1. Sam,

    I was also stricken by the aspect of commiting to actually live it instead of just understand God’s word. Ezra was ready to go to Jerusalem and teach the people but no other Levite volunteered. He had to call them by name to come.
    Similarly, Paul keeps beating home the message that it’s nonsense to boast your pastor has the “right” interpretation of God’s law and form rivalries with the followers of others. Instead, he says to pull close to God as he has and focus on our one spiritual father.

    • Yes! Brian I want to be like Ezra and LIVE IT. Why do we so often just see the Bible as a rule book instead of an exciting story of a God who wants to teach us to enjoy him and live out the plan that he has set in place for us? I know that Paul believes it. That is why he wants them to see the spiritual father that you are discussing. Good stuff brother.

      Thank you for your posts. I am encouraged by you.

  2. Sam, I love these thoughts and they have actually been on my mind as the school year is about to start up. I love to study the word and contemplate its meaning. At the same time, I desire my life to live out the truth I get from the study. As a wife, mom, grandmother, friend, and public school librarian, I want the *light* to be evident wherever I am, in whatever role the Lord has placed me.

    Brian, I had a friend who began spending hours pursuing the “right” interpretation in a way that was leading to the rivalries you speak of. Another friend and I were discussing this, and she spoke some truth to my heart when she said, “I’d rather have spent my afternoon baking a cake for someone!”

    (Sam, I may have sent a paragraph earlier–if so, please disregard it. The computer had a little glitch and it disappeared!)

    • Cinda – It is interesting that you use the word “light” as a desire for you. I was talking with a friend who spoke with you over the phone recently. I told him that you had a sweet spirit and you were a light to those around you. I’m sure you hear this often. What would you tell someone who desires to let their light shine in the same way?

      • Thank you, Sam. Wow, I think I would tell them to spend lots of time looking at Christ through his word. Also, to try to live transparently before everyone. I’ve learned that living in the light has a lot to do with living truthfully (this includes clearing up any relationship problems you have.)

      • Cinda –

        You are right on. Your instructions 1) Live in the word 2) Live in the light.

        These two basic disciplines have, can, and will change people.

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