1 Chronicles 16:43 – Go Home

Today’s Reading: 1 Chronicles 16:37‐18:17, Romans 2:1‐24, Psalm 10:16‐18, Proverbs 19:8‐9

I Chronicles 16:37-43 So David left Asaph and his brothers there before the ark of the covenant of the Lord to minister regularly before the ark as each day required…  to offer burnt offerings to the Lord on the altar of burnt offering regularly morning and evening, to do all that is written in the Law of the Lord that he commanded Israel…  and David went home to bless his household.


  • David put people in charge of worshiping the Lord
  • David left them
  • David went home to bless his household

David was able to delegate something extremely important – worshiping the Lord as was required and commanded.  David left as this was going on – trusting those he placed in charge to do it well.  David went home to bless his household – being with his family was a priority.

Apply:  I need to fully trust the ones that God has placed around me to lead the camp ministry.  I need to know that God wants me to leave at different times and go home to bless my family.

Is there anything you need to trust someone else to do so that you can go home and bless your family?


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